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in Scranton-Wilkes Barre Northeastern Pennsylvania - NE PA.
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1433 N. Main Ave. (Not ST.), Scranton, PA 18508. Tel. (570) 342-5555

Take I-81 to Exit 190 the Main Ave. Exit go LEFT onto Main exactly 2 miles to 1433 N. Main Ave.(Not Main St. ) Scranton, PA Free Parking. Enter front or back.
Latitude: 41.432156 Longitude: -75.663338

Mention this page a get a free magic book for your birthday child. Must be mentioned when you book the party. Mention this code - 103126

From the East (NY, NJ, Stroudsburg, etc. 80W to 380N to 81N.
From the North East. 84 W to 380 N to 81 N. From the West (Pittsburgh. 80W to 81N.
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children kids birthday party parties    children kids birthday party parties

children kids birthday party parties    children kids birthday party parties

Best birthday partiy venue in the country in the Pocono Scranton Wilkes-Barre area of Northest Pennsylvania (PA) . Complete party package with live animals and nationally known magicians in a stage magic show with the birthday children included. A great party place facility. We also supply top notch magicians and entertainers for Trade Shows, Corporate parties, Malls, Colleges, close up magic, stage shows, characters, etc.

We have the finest birthdays that you can find anywhere. All parties are private or semi-private. Since we are not a bowling alley, or video game arcade your children are never mingling with strangers, or competing with other youngsters who are not attending your party for other activities.


We have a hostess, and we have a lot of foods and amenities, including a lot of fun entertainment and we always keep everything running from start to finish.

We supply you with color invitations in the shape of a large ticket. Each says admit one, to help you control who attends your party. They are in the shape of a post card and can be sent out as such. They can also be placed in a standard number 6 envelope, or just handed out to friends or at school. However, to keep things friendly, they are not required for your guests to get in.

We have our own parking lot in the back of the building. There are signs in front directing your guests to the lot.

THE PARTY Begins in the private game area: The youngsters gather in our theater area, that is open space, and set up as a game room. We have special exciting disco lighting, bean bag toss game, hula hoops, limbo, ring toss, etc. The youngsters love our exciting limbo game.


Our private party room. The most beautiful party room anywhere in the area. Your special birthday person(s) sits in their own jewel studded "throne" that makes them prince or princess for the day. The walls are lined with age appropriate birthday and magic decorations. We have a long gold table cloth and special decorations on the table and supply designer plates and napkins. Cups and dinnerware are supplied. We supply all the soda pop, bottled water, Capri SunĘ, you need for youngsters and adults who are attending. You supply the cake. At all parties, you supply the cake or cup cakes, which have proven very popular. We have a beautiful Gold and Silver Cup cake tower that makes it spectacular. We have a great local place that makes pizza all the youngsters love. At our party, you do not have to serve or clean up at the end to keep it easy. We keep it all running. When it is time to sing happy birthday we turn out the lights and have a disco light spinning around the room. Candles are included. Then we sing it again, but this time we sing it wild and crazy like New Years Eve. The youngsters love it.

The party includes our world class magic show in our theater. Our magicians have world wide recognition, unlike any one else in the area. The show includes live animals... a rabbit, doves and many other surprises. We use the birthday child as a special assistant, as they mostly they wish. We never embarrass them or make them feel foolish. It is a positive experience. Most of the time we float them in the air, pass a hoop around them, and bring them back down, which makes them fell really special and important. They get prizes and become junior magicians.
The closing. Everyone gets a balloon twisted in the shape of an animal, and ten picks from our 2 treasure chests that is packed with the kinds of things youngsters love similar to what you get blister packed as party favors. A great send off from the greatest party they will ever attend. You can also bring treat bags or treats if you wish, but in no way necessary.

Every thing mentioned above is included: We add a lot of happy fun stuff! At our party the hostess not only sets everything up for you, but serves and cleans up at the end. Beside soda pop, bottled water, Capri SunĘ, we supply, in bowls lined up on the table, pretzels, cookies, and corn curls within reach of all your guests, adults and youngsters. We supply the pizza. You supply the cake or cup cakes or donuts. We have a beautiful stand that is a big hit. Some kids do not care for cake but the all love cup cakes or donuts. To top it off we also supply cotton candy. This really bowls them over. Because of mess of all the snacks, and cotton candy our server handles it all for you. Do not try this at home!
Goody bags are also added. Besides the ballon animal, everyone gets their own bag to fill with 10 different items from our overloaded treasure chests. Boys get what they like and so do girls. Younger kids pick what they like and so do the older ones. Of course, the birthday child is allowed to pick as many extra as their age. A great send off from the greatest party they will ever attend.

PRICE Everyone who attends is served and gets a ticket to our magic show. When we are running just our shows tickets are $39.95 each, without anyfood. A magic show with live animals is included at no extra cost as part of your party.
Plus 6% for sales tax and a minimum of 18% to 20% for gratuity which is standard. Friday, Saturday and Sunday or Holiday $299 for the first 10 people and $14.95.95 for each person above 10, p lus tax and tip.

Monday to Thursday $250 for the first 10 people and $11.95.95 for each person above 10, p lus tax and tip. We also do sweet sixteen, over the hill, company parties, Kosher Bar-Mitzvah, Bas-Mitzvah, Purim, and Communion and Confirmation Parties. A recent quote from one of our guests, "More fun than Chuck E. Cheese!"

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A recent quote from one of our guests about our parties, "More fun than Chucky Cheese!"

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