Harry Houdini Biography: Harry Houdini Magician-Escape Artist

Harry Houdini: The most famous magician of all time.

Harry Houdini having invented a new form of entertainment, "The Challenge Escape" soon would become an international star. Harry Houdini as "King of Handcuffs" goes to Europe at the age of 26.

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After some success in the United States Harry Houdini decided to go to Europe in the year 1900, on the advice of a friend, the greatest coin magician of all time, T. Nelson Downs. Harry Houdini created a sensation in London, England and went on to travel throughout Europe for five years as a headliner. Harry Houdini had so much work in Europe that he summoned his brother Theo to work there under the name Hardeen.

Harry Houdini's fame continues to grow throughout the world.

Harry Houdini returned to the United States, determined to become an even bigger star in the country he loved. He would cris-cross between Europe and the United States going where he could get the biggest offers. On one trip here he purchased a building in New York City on 113th Street that was to become his residence for the rest of his life. As escape artist imitators poped up to take advantage of Harry Houdini's tremendous success, Harry Houdini began to originate new and more difficult and dangerous escapes. Harry Houdini invented the underwater packing box escape as a fabulous publicty stunt that was copied by many others. He was the first person to do the Straight Jacket Escape as well. He introduced the sensational Milk Can Escape in St. Louis on January 27, 1908. The Milk Can Escape was a huge success.

He was a pioneer aviator, a fact not well known, and was the first person on record to fly a plane in Austrailia a feat he accomplished at Digger's Rest in 1910. Some claim he was one of the first 17 record breaking aviators of the day. After those series of flights he would never fly again. In 1913 he introduced his legendary Chinese Water Torture Cell.

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This was the same year his mother died which was a great shock to Harry Houdini. He was in Europe at them time and his family had not told of his mother's illness.

1874 -1887
1887 - 1900
1900 - 1913 Milk Can Escape
1913 - 1926 and beyond.

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