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The Halloween Houdini Seance and seance show Internet information Oct 30-Oct 31.

The Halloween Harry Houdini Seance

During the october Halloween season the Harry Houdini Museum has two seance events. 

Our psychic paranormalist presentation, "Haunted! Mind Mysteries & THE Beyond."

Our yealy famous Halloween Harry Houdini seance tribute both by invitation at our facility, and on the web,  we are asking everyone to attempt to contact Harry Houdini sometime during Halloween for the 24 hours of October 31st and email us with any results and lack of results. No kooks please, this is a serious Halloween test and tribute.


Halloween seances

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The Harry Houdini Museum has been In Scranton for 20 years, and open to the general public in the Scranton/Pocono area. Prior to that a part of the Harry Houdini exhibit was on display for 13 years at the famous Magic Towne House in New York City. The Magic Towne House was the location of the Halloween Harry Houdini Seances held in New York City, where Harry Houdini lived most of his life. Many famous magicians attended the Halloween Harry Houdini Seances including Milbourne Christopher and Walter B. Gibson. According to Walter, Harry Houdini's wife Bess after her final seance on Halloweennight, asked him to carry on the Halloween seances and Walter, asked magician Dorothy Dietrich to carry the Halloween Harry Houdini Seances on as a tribute to Harry Houdini on several occasions before he passed away. 

Here is her original release when she was preparing to do the seance. release

The photo shows some of Magic's most famous figures at a New York "Halloween Harry Houdini Seance." Although these have been called "seances" by many, it was really meant as a scientific test between Harry Houdini, his wife Bess Houdini and friends.


Seen in this photo are
1) Magic author and editor  Byron Wells.
2) Long lost friend Solomon Cohen (where are you?)
3) Famous author Walter B. Gibson, author of "The Shadow," Harry Houdini biographer, ghost writer, confidant of Harry Houdini and his wife Bess Houdini. Before he died he asked Dorothy Dietrich to carry on the tradition of the Halloween yearly Seancetributes to  Harry Houdini  called by many  "seances."
4) America's leading female magician and an  expert on Houdini, Dorothy Dietrich.
5) Milbourne Christopher, magic historian, and biographer of Houdini who attended most of the  New York "Halloween Harry Houdini Seances" at The Magic Towne House before he passed away.

Famous magician and writer Milbourne Christopher
at another of our "Halloween Harry Houdini Seances" shortly before he passed away.

Please note the NYC Mayor's Halloween Magic Week proclamation above Walter and Dorothy's head.

 Harry Houdini never said he was coming back, or that he would open handcuffs, etc. Harry Houdini was the exposer of the very people who claimed they could get messages from your dead relatives, make their ghosts appear, etc. Harry Houdini  said such things were in his experience not possible, but being the greatest escape artist/magician that ever lived he, Harry Houdini, would try to escape from the beyond. After ten years of no results during any of thee Halloween Harry Houdini seances,his wife Bess Houdini sent out a letter to participants saying "since the failure of the ten year TEST, it is my opinion that all concerned have struck a mighty world wide blow at superstition." That was her final Halloween Harry Houdini seance.

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For many years Dunninger claimed he had a code with Harry Houdini. Research proves this to be a falsehood

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A GREAT NEW BOOK ABOUT HOUDINI!!!  Called  "Houdini!!!" and is written by a Pulitzer Prize winning author who knows magic and magicians as well, Kenneth Silverman. A giant work with 150 pictures as well. It will retail for $35 and we expect it to sell out. We have ours reserved and are taking orders NOW!!! Send $32.50 plus $5 postage and handling in US or appropriate postage for non US destinations. Don't miss this. Send to Houdini Museum, 1433 N. Main Ave., Scranton PA 18508

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Halloween seances

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Halloween seances


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Halloween seances
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